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About Us

Company Profile

SOFAR is a global leading supplier of solar PV and energy storage solutions. SOFAR supports the transition to renewable energy through a comprehensive portfolio including PV inverters range from 1 kW to 255 kW, hybrid inverters range from 3 kW to 20 kW, battery storage system and smart energy management solutions for residential, commercial & industrial, and utility-scale applications.Since its establishment in 2013, SOFAR has been striving to build on our competitive strengths in products, technologies, markets, and services in the global market. We have set up three R&D Centers and two Manufacturing Factories globally.

Working With Us
Rapid Development
The company has focused its efforts on the new energy business, placing emphasis on developments and technological breakthroughs in photovoltaics, energy storage, on-board power supplies, data centers and other products, as well as the in-depth exploration of the global market. To date, SOFAR has established itself as one of China's top 5 string inverter enterprises and the world's leading supplier of turnkey solutions for energy storage systems. Our products and system solutions have been put into service in more than 90 countries and regions worldwide.
Continuous Growth & Improvement
SOFAR is a rapid-growing platform of PV energy storage, leading the course of technological innovation with our confidence and patience, also placing emphasis on technology iteration and value restructuring. Here at SOFAR, all of us can realize self-achievements.
An Open Organizational Culture
“Virtue • Integrity Collaboration • Effectiveness ”is our core value. You will find like-mind teammates around at SOFAR . With a positive and open mindset, simple and effective communication, you will fit in the team quickly and progress together with us.
Various Benefits & Caring
SOFAR is a company full of humanistic care. With a sound welfare system, a complete training program, SOFAR ensures every emoployee’s well-being. You will enjoy benefits that help you have a healthy work and live a happy life.
Voice of Employees


We work with people from different fields and overcome challenges together at SOFAR, to create innovative technologies and solutions to everyone.



SOFAR is a large ship which is sailing through waves with high speed over the ocean. Although roaring waves and winds are around, but we all feel warm here for working together.



SOFAR actually is a great campus for me, as a newly graduate I can have great exposure to many big projects. Thanks to Company’s training and mentors' coaching, I have achieved continuous growth and valuable experiences.


Mr. Chen

SOFAR is always energetic and proactive. Thrilling basketball games, warm and friendly team buildings, joyous Good Luck of Beginning Chinese New Year activity, we all enjoy a vibrant life at SOFRA.

Life at SOFAR

SOFAR is a company full of humanistic care. With a sound welfare system, a complete training program, SOFAR ensures every emoployee’s well-being. With a variety of employee activities here, you will enjoy the benefits of a healthy work and happy life.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits
Our Company supports and secures every employee’s benefits and well-being during their SOFAR journeys.
Warm Holiday Benefits Are Ready for You
Holiday allowance, Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, Good Luck of Beginning red packets, Christmas Day benefits, etc., join SOFAR, you will feel warm here.
Various Health Caring Will Accompany You
Various community activities, such as basketball games, different kinds of Company caring activities for employees, such as delicious snacks, annual employees’ travel, make life and work better for you.
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